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> carlopmart wrote:
>> Thanks James. And yes, If I use shared IP as ip-type all works ok
>> out-of-the-box. And as you say, it seems a bug.
>> Where can I find samples about doing a bridge between physical interface
>> host and vnic??
> I think something like this should work:
>    dladm create-bridge -l e1000g0 mybridge
> The man page for 'dladm' has more information.  I'm pretty sure we wrote
> a chapter for the administrator's guide, but I'm no longer sure how to
> find that.
> Note that this is just a hack.  What you really should be looking for is
> a fixed e1000g driver that handles the multiple unicast slots properly,
> or one that at least allows you to disable the slots so that the VNIC
> logic is forced to use promiscuous mode itself.
> You might try  They may have other ideas.
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