in doing an OS upgrade from s10u5 to s10u8
I try to  use zoneadm detach then upgrade OS then attach
the system doesnot allow attach -U ...no such options
but the man page in u8 say

attach [*-u* | *-U*] [*-b* patchid]... [*-F*] [*-n* path] [brand-specific options]

    The attach subcommand takes a zone that has been detached from one
    system and attaches the zone onto a new system. Therefore, it is
    advised (though not required) that the detach subcommand should be
    run before the “attach” takes place. Once you have the new zone in
    the configured state, use the attach subcommand to set up the zone
    root instead of installing the zone as a new zone.

    For native zones, zoneadm checks package and patch levels on the
    machine to which the zone is to be attached. If the
    packages/patches that the zone depends on from the global zone are
    different (have different revision numbers) from the dependent
    packages/patches on the source machine, zoneadm reports these
    conflicts and does not perform the attach. If the destination
    system has only newer dependent packages/patches (higher revision
    numbers) than those on the source system, you can use the *-u* or
    *-U* options. The *-u* option updates the minimum number of
    packages within the attached zone to match the higher-revision
    packages and patches that exist on the new system. The *-U* option
    updates all packages in the attached zone that are also installed
    in the global zone. With *-u* or *-U*, as in the default behavior,
    zoneadm does not perform an attach if outdated packages/patches
    are found on the target system.

So which version of s10u? can use -U or do one need some patch?

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