I know this thread is a bit older, but...

Did we find a firm solution to doing this?  Can we look "up" yet?  I've seen 
good suggestions on how to work around if you're in on the "build" phase, but 
we have an implementation group that builds our frames out.  Another group 
working on the virtuals, ldoms and non-global zones.  We've gotten so "big" and 
"efficient" (not) with our thousands upon millions of server instances that no 
one seems to remember to tell us little SAs on the front line all those pesky 
details details.  CMDB is used for the business side and little things like 
what physical frame/host/cd/sd is the ldom I'm logged into on are trivial and 
left out?  When it's time for a change that requires access to the parent or 
host control domain or service domain, it takes an act of God to find someone 
that can put their finger on the right physical host.  Can't count the number 
of times we've found out the hard way when a site engineer (hands/feet) trips 
over the wrong cable in China.  Watching the keno-pattern 
 of red boxes light up amongst all the green on monitor I usually turn to my 
coworker and tell him to "pay up" - told you that's where that ldom was!

I'm fed up and want to write a scan that will run with root priviledge to look 
"up" from inside our logical domains and non-global zones to find the parents 
name / IP / host system / something tangible (or even obscure - I'll do a 
resolve after against something).  I need to know the hook to look for. 

I get the need for discretion in the child, but help a brother out here Oracle!

Anyone finds anything, hit me back.  stahlawh...@gmail.com

Signed Frustrated,
P@ Stahl
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