Did you take a look To zonemgr script before writting your own ?

Le 1 nov. 2011 à 13:40, Peter Shaw <unthough...@googlemail.com> a écrit :

> Hi, 
> my name is Peter and i am currently working on some scripts to create zones 
> on my opensolaris stack. I herb a "worker" class zone, that allows me to 
> expand my instances dynamicly. It works pretty well, except one issue i can't 
> get over. 
> I do all my configuration (zonecfg, zoneadm) in a script. Setting networks, 
> etc. But I have to automate the "zlogin -C zone" part and i don't know how. 
> I want to create my zones fully dynamic and set them up to work, without 
> configure them by hand each time it's cloned. 
> Can you tell me what is your best practice to automate the zlogin -C initial 
> boot process? 
> Thanx a lot
> Peter
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