On 11/10/11 13:53, Mike Gerdts wrote:
On Thu 10 Nov 2011 at 02:42PM, Frank Batschulat wrote:
fwiw, on 175b I do have the file but not the package installed which
claims to deliver it ;-)

That statement is worrisome.  I think, however, it is not correct. :)

osoldev.batschul./.=>  ls -la
-r--r--r--   1 root     sys         2367 Sep 23 11:54
osoldev.batschul./.=>  pkg search
INDEX      ACTION VALUE                                            PACKAGE
path       file   usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml 
osoldev.batschul./.=>  pkg info -r auto-install

Here you asked the one from the repo (-r == remote).  I get the same
results if I use the command you used.  Without -r things look right.

not clear why the -r does this, as i see the same behaviour with -r?

         With -r, match packages based on  the  newest  available
         versions,   retrieving   information  for  packages  not
         currently installed (if necessary) from the repositories
         of the image's configured publishers. At least one pack-
         age must be specified when using  this  option.  Without
         -r, only installed packages are displayed by default.

           Name: system/install/auto-install
        Summary: Automated Installer Client Components
    Description: AI Client Components
       Category: System/Administration and Configuration
          State: Not installed
      Publisher: solaris
        Version: 0.5.11
  Build Release: 5.11
Packaging Date: Wed Oct 19 12:26:41 2011
           Size: 42.20 kB

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