On 11/29/11 16:22, Christian Meier wrote:
Hello List,

I've got a question about the Patches delivered with the DVD Image with
ID Number 800

I've written a script that check the difference between systems, eg.
global zone and local zone

No I have a different by the patch 800200-15
I need to migrate (detach/attach) a local Zone from a t3 U10 system to
U9 with patch-level U10

The patch 800200-15 is not installed on the patched U9 System, because
it was shipped with the U10 DVD and is also not included in other patches

Is there a description about these 800 patches.
ys, they are special patches used to actually build the solaris update, they are never released as they are internal patches used in the update build process, zoneadm is aware of them and ignores them, so they are not an issue for zoneadm attach.


Thank you

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