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    On 12/ 2/11 05:39 AM, Derek McEachern wrote:

        Have a peculiar problem that I haven't seen before.

        When starting a system that has about 35 - 40 zones on it
        occasionally we see that one of the zones doesn't come up
        properly. You can log into the zone but none of the /etc/rc3.d
        scripts have been run.

    The same zone, or a random one?

    What happens if you halt one or more zones before rebooting?  Is
    there a threshold where the problem begins to occur?

Random zone.

We've been testing to see if there is a threshold of trying to start too many in parallel but so far we don't see anything.

We saw the problem trying to start 3 zones in parallel but it was very intermittent. Like 1 out of every 4 tries at started all 40 zones we would see 1 failure. We ran some tests starting 10 zones in parallel and so far no errors. Our assumption was that if it was load related moving from 3 to 10 zones we would see problems.

I have several systems that start 10 or more zones and I've never seen any problems.

I agree with the comment elsewhere that you should be using SMF rather than rc scripts to start services.

It is also possible to create SMF services with the appropriate dependencies to start your zones in the correct order.


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