On 12/14/11 03:30, Ian Collins wrote:

I just tried booting a Solaris 10 branded zone after upgrading its host
to Solaris 11 (from Express) and it migrated OK, but won't boot:

# zoneadm -z sandpit boot
zone 'sandpit': WARNING: vnic3:1: no matching subnet found in
netmasks(4):; using default of
zone 'sandpit': Error: The installed version of Solaris 10 is not
zone 'sandpit': SPARC systems require patch 142909-17
zone 'sandpit': x86/x64 systems require patch 142910-17
zone 'sandpit': exec /usr/lib/brand/solaris10/s10_boot sandpit
/zoneRoot/sandpit failed
zone 'sandpit': ERROR: unable to unmount /zoneRoot/sandpit/root.

The zone originally came from a Solaris 10 update 9 system. How do I go
about patching it?

actually, further to Mike's reply on how to reverse dsconvert, the message above should not have happened if zone was at update 9 level, as update 9 has 142909-17/142910-17, are you sure the zone was at update 9 kernel?

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