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>-U?  There isn't a documented -U option.

         For native zones, zoneadm checks package and patch  lev-
         els  on the machine to which the zone is to be attached.
         If the packages/patches that the zone  depends  on  from
         the  global  zone are different (have different revision
         numbers) from  the  dependent  packages/patches  on  the
         source machine, zoneadm reports these conflicts and does
         not perform the attach. If the  destination  system  has
         only  newer  dependent packages/patches (higher revision
         numbers) than those on the source system,  you  can  use
         the  -u or -U options. The -u option updates the minimum
         number of packages within the  attached  zone  to  match
         the  higher-revision  packages and patches that exist on
         the new system.  The -U option updates all  packages  in
         the attached zone  that are also installed in the global
         zone.  With -u  or  -U,  as  in  the  default  behavior,
         zoneadm   does   not   perform  an  attach  if  outdated
         packages/patches are found on the target system.

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