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now create -b has totally different meaning in s11 vs s10 could
create some confusion at time
create -b works the same in Solaris 10 as it did in Solaris 11 - it
creates a blank zone configuration.  The thing that is different is
create (without -b).  The default configuration (from SYSdefault.xml
now, previously form SUNWdefault.xml) has changed significantly due to
the improvements in packaging and networking.

Another question:
what is attr do? how application take advantage of "attr"
I think of attr as a way to add a comment or other arbitrary information
to a zone configuration.  For example, if you need to tag each zone with
the cost center that is billed for the zone, you could do so with:

# zonecfg -z myzone
zonecfg:myzone>  add attr
zonecfg:myzone:attr>  set name=cost-center
zonecfg:myzone:attr>  set type=string
zonecfg:myzone:attr>  set value=12345
zonecfg:myzone:attr>  end
zonecfg:myzone>  exit

You can get at the information with commands like:

# zonecfg -z myzone info attr name=cost-center
        name: cost-center
        type: string
        value: 12345

# zonecfg -z myzone info attr name=cost-center \
        | nawk '$1 == "value:" { sub("\tvalue: ", "", $0); print $0 }'

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