In message <>, Mike Gerdts writes:
>It kinda sounds like something from the global zone had stepped into
>some filesystems that were temporarily mounted during an attach process.
>This is backed up by the evil in the attach log:
>   Lots of evil in attach log:
>   [Sun Jan  1 21:11:30 EST 2012] Mounting 
> rpool/var/zones/search-1/rpool/export/home at /tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home 
> with ZFS temporary mount
>   cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home': Device busy
>   cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export': Device busy
>   rmdir: directory "/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ": Directory not empty
>Do you by any chance have a /tmp cleaner (or something else that does a
>find or du) running at roughly the same time?  If so, the -mount option
>to find or the -d option to du may be a help to prevent recurrence.
>/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ should have been created rwx by root only.

Besides my backup cron, I don't run any custom bits in global.
Nothing jumps out among the stock services that might be willy nilly
performing IO in /tmp.

Why shouldn't zoneadm's migration update umount -f these mounts
once the migration has been performed?
I think that's preferred to skipping the attach checks and balances
with attach -F.

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