On Tue 03 Jan 2012 at 05:51PM, John D Groenveld wrote:
> In message <20120103220311.go24...@ultra24.us.oracle.com>, Mike Gerdts writes:
> >It kinda sounds like something from the global zone had stepped into
> >some filesystems that were temporarily mounted during an attach process.
> >This is backed up by the evil in the attach log:
> >
> >   Lots of evil in attach log:
> >   [Sun Jan  1 21:11:30 EST 2012] Mounting 
> > rpool/var/zones/search-1/rpool/export/home at /tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home 
> > with ZFS temporary mount
> >   cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export/home': Device busy
> >   cannot unmount '/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ/export': Device busy
> >   rmdir: directory "/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ": Directory not empty
> >
> >Do you by any chance have a /tmp cleaner (or something else that does a
> >find or du) running at roughly the same time?  If so, the -mount option
> >to find or the -d option to du may be a help to prevent recurrence.
> >/tmp/tmp.7kayqJ should have been created rwx by root only.
> Besides my backup cron, I don't run any custom bits in global.
> Nothing jumps out among the stock services that might be willy nilly
> performing IO in /tmp.
> Why shouldn't zoneadm's migration update umount -f these mounts
> once the migration has been performed?
> I think that's preferred to skipping the attach checks and balances
> with attach -F.

In most cases, the use of umount -f has been avoided in this code as it
is more likely to be hide some other problem that exists.  I think I may
see the other problem that exists, but it would require a bit of
investigation to know for sure.  By any chance are either of the
following true?

  - The zone's /export/home file system has more files in it than it
    used to.  In particular, are there now enough files in it that find
    will now generate more than 5120 bytes of output whereas before that
    wasn't the case?

  - The disk is busy doing other things such that these reads from
    the zone's /export/home are pretty slow to return?

In any case, please let me know if you start to see this problem more
regularly.  I've opened a somewhat low priority bug:

7126819 migrate_export can get EBUSY while unmounting zone's rpool/export/home 

If it repeats for you I'll bump the priority up.  If a fix is important
to you, please open a service request and ask for an escalation to be

Mike Gerdts
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