On 02/ 9/12 02:24 PM, Will Fiveash wrote:
On Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 07:13:10PM -0600, Will Fiveash wrote:
I used to be able to configure zones a while back but now I'm stumped
(using released S11).  What I want is a set of zones, each with a unique
IP address such that they can ping each other and the global zone.  I used to 
use a zonecfg

set zonepath=/zone/newzone
set limitpriv="default,dtrace_proc,dtrace_user"
add net
set physical=nge0
set address=

and that did want I want.  Now I see:
BTW, when I look at the man page I see this similar example:

Example 3 Creating a Shared-IP Zone

The following example creates a zone that shares an IP stack with the global 
zone, and is assigned a single IP address and default router.

example# zonecfg -b -z shared
zonecfg:shared>  create

You probably want create -b
zonecfg:shared>  set zonepath=/export/zones/shared
zonecfg:shared>  set ip-type=shared
zonecfg:shared>  add net
zonecfg:shared:net>  set physical=nge0
zonecfg:shared:net>  set address=
zonecfg:shared:net>  set defrouter=
zonecfg:shared:net>  end
zonecfg:shared>  exit

I don't see a 'commit' in there before the exit.

Did you have an old zone with the same name?  Check with

zonecfg -z shared export

That fails because -b isn't supported and if I remove that then I see:

Expand "fails", that example works fine (with the commit).


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