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On Thu, Feb 09, 2012 at 02:33:35PM -0500, "Hung-Sheng Tsao (Lao Tsao ??) Ph.D." 
not sure about your sequence of event
in general  after create
one do install with the *xml
then run zlogin
  * *For a shared-IP zone:*
    #*sysconfig create-profile -o /path/sysconf.xml -g 

*Use the created profile during zone install, clone, or attach
#*zoneadm -z my-zone install -c /path/sysconf.xml*
did you run install?
Yes.  Let me provide more detail:

# zonecfg -z mit -f /tmp/zonecfg-file
# zoneadm -z mit install
# zoneadm -z mit boot
# cp /tmp/mit.profile.xml /zones/mit/root/var/tmp/
# zlogin mit /usr/sbin/sysconfig configure -g system -c /var/tmp/mit.profile.xml
svcadm: No such instance "svc:/system/svc/restarter:default".

The problem is that you booted the zone and then ran the sysconfig command. On first boot of the zone, the sysconfig utility is automatically invoked for an interactive configuration. The system isn't completely on line, which I think accounts for the svcadm error.

You are, in effect, trying to run sysconfig when it is already running.

Unable to initiate unconfiguration process.

Note that as I stare at the sysconfig man page I am becoming less
certain that the example it has of:

      The following sequence of commands creates a  profile,  then
      uses it to reconfigure a system.

        # sysconfig create-profile -o /tmp/myprofile.xml
        # sysconfig configure -g system -c /tmp/myprofile.xml

is correct.  I say this because I've literally been using "-g system"
but when I read the section on functional groups which I guess -g is
used to specify there doesn't appear to be a "system" group.  I just
opened a bug against that man page on this issue.

Actually "system" is the grouping for the whole system. If that isn't
clear, then it needs to be fixed. Thanks for filing the bug.

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