it seems that in your case (s10u?)
one just
1) in GZ use zfs snap to create backup, the use netbackup to backup the snap or 2)in GZ use zfs send and receive to another system then use netbackup to backup the snap
my 2c

On 2/18/2012 5:22 AM, David Cushing wrote:

I’m looking for suggestions on capturing backups. Web searches have not been overly fruitful. Most discussion expects to shut down the zone and clone it. I will not be able to shut down the zones.

The backups don’t need to be 100% perfect. I can fix issues from open files / work in progress. This is not a production database scenario. The biggest concern is full loss of the LUN. Secondary concern is stray users deleting or corrupting their folders.

There are separate zpools for GZ and NGZ. All zones share a single ZFS file system but I intend on reconfiguring to have one file system per zone. Zones are full root.

We tried capturing from the GZ with a somewhat outdated Symantec server but it hangs up on the zone folder. We also tried just the “root” folder of a zone, same results.

I can provide enough disk space to hold backups temporarily. I was considering using snapshot/flar/?? to save the data to another zpool on the GZ and allowing Symantec to move those files to archival storage.

Thanks for your time and input.

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