On 02/20/12 10:06 PM, gerard henry wrote:
hello all,
after upgrading from S11X to S11, i'm unable to attach a zone due to a missing publisher. I'm trying to remove the old publisher but i have this:

root@electre:~# pkg -R /zones/test_bd/root/ publisher
PUBLISHER                             TYPE     STATUS   URI
solaris                  (syspub)     origin   online   file:///mnt/repo/
solaris (syspub) origin online proxy://http://localhost:10000/ latp origin online http://electre:10000/
root@electre:~# pkg -R /zones/test_bd/root/ unset-publisher solaris

pkg unset-publisher: Removal failed for 'solaris': solaris is a system publisher and cannot be unset.

there are 2 publishers with the same name, how can i correct this problem?

I had the same problem a while back and I think I used set-publisher with -g to add the correct publisher and -G to remove the bad one.

It wont let you remove the one with the queer URI (where doe that come from I wonder?), but it doesn't appear to do any harm.


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