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I just want to know what's the difference between capped.memory and zone.max-shm-memory when it comes to limit the zones access to the available RAM memory in the global zone.

According to here http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18752_01/html/817-1592/z.config.ov-3.html#gepte:

"Solaris 10 8/07: Physical Memory Control and the capped-memory Resource
The capped-memory resource sets limits for physical, swap, and locked memory. Each limit is optional, but at least one must be set.

Determine values for this resource if you plan to cap memory for the zone by using rcapd from the global zone. The physical property of the capped-memory resource is used by rcapd as the max-rss value for the zone.

The swap property of the capped-memory resource is the preferred way to set the zone.max-swap resource control.

The locked property of the capped-memory resource is the preferred way to set the zone.max-locked-memory resource control."


Are the both parameters doing the same (limiting the amount of available RAm for the zone) but just using different tools (rcapd for capped.memory and prctl for zone.max-shm-memory)?

What I really want to know is how to limit totally the memory in the zones. Let's say I have a global zone with 10GB and I want to create 2 zones with ONLY 2GB at maximum, whatever they want or ask for.

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