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El 2012-04-18 19.22, Hung-Sheng Tsao (LaoTsao) Ph.D escribió:
may be one could add
in solaris resource control used to be project based
one need to setup project and limit the resoure pool
then assign the poll to zone.
it is not easy to  use .

since then many  shortcut for resource pool control are added to zonecfg
make it very easy to add resource control  inside the zone

The cuestion sill, more or less, there: It is possible to limit the amout of RAM that a zone can borrow from the global zone without rcapd?

Without rcapd, it is only possible to limit certain types of ram usage:
    - zone.max-shm-memory: limits ram used by sysV mappings.
- zone.max-locked-memory: limits ram used by locked mappings (mlock, ISM, DISM).

Both of these do not limit ram used by other means, such as text pages, mapped files, and anonymous memory (like malloc()'ed memory)
As far as I can understand, if a zone only uses zone.max-shm-memory instead, potencially can borrow all the available RAM. So?

Correct. In this case, only memory used by sysV mappings (shmget(2), shmat(2) is limited.

-Steve L.

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