In message <>, Mike Gerdts writes:
>Do you say race condition because you had something else (find, backups, etc.)
>that was crawling /tmp at the same time?   Or is there something in Solaris th
>you are saying raced against this temporary mount?  How would things be 
>different if we chose any other location for temporary mounts?

Nothing from cron, but I seem to have svcs that are probably
extraneous for a server running in global that I should disable.

>This looks to be part of the attach path that is looking for the Solaris 11 
>Express dataset layout.  See migrate_export in 
>/usr/lib/brand/shared/common.ksh.  The mount point is chosen with "mktemp -d".
>Note that this is a private implementation detail that you happen to be able t
>see because it is written in ksh.  It may change at any time (sru, update, 
>release) without notice.

I guess I'm going to have add a fuser and ps.
It happens so rarely that I'm hesitant to do much instrumenting.

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