Hi all,

The most of my production machines looks like:

* Solaris 10 Update 7 (now we're starting to migrate to Update 10)
* All the FS in classical UFS but /opt with ZFS
* All the zones inside /opt/zones
* All the zones containing a app server (Glassfish)
* All the critical app data is just managed/stored by a backend bbdd, so no data inside the zone but the app (Java files) itself

In case I have some real and weird problem in the zone (or even in the global one) we proceed:

- re-create the zone in another server (all the process is automated by backend scripts, it takes just 15/20 minutes)
- re-deploy the app in the zone (30/45 minutes)

So, in total, if zoneX is crashing, to be able to be up un running again is gonna take around 45min-1h05 aprox. That's acceptable for us, but obviously it would be amazing if we can reduce this needed time.

I'm just wondering if I can do it playing with some ZFS capability (as snapshots) since all the zones are always under /opt/zones, which, as I said, is ZFS.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions.
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