I am looking for capping parameters of swap area for zones.

We are consolidating independent applications to one physical box.  I want to 
share CPU power only, and use strict memory caps.

What I found is "max-swap" and "capped-memory , physical"

"capped-memory , physical" looks fine, to control physical memory available for 
a zone.
"max-swap" seems to limit virtual memory (swap area on disk plus physical 

Thus in a theoretical example:
if I have two zones migrated from a physical boxes with 8G RAM, 16G swap, I 
need to give them
8G as physical limit
16+8 as max-swap limit
to reach the similar environment.
These two zones would need 32G swap space.

My concern is that there is no parameter for limiting swap area on disk !

Thus if one zone is idle, it might swapped out almost completely, occupying 
16+8=24G swap space, leaving only 8G swap space to the other zone.

Do you have better capping setup to avoid such a situation ?

Thank You,

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