I have serious problem with routing of non-global zones 
shared-ip config.
If I define a "defrouter" for a local zone, its route pops up in the global 
routing table, and global zone really starts to use it !!
Though my intention is obviously to route a local-zone traffic to specific 
network, it breaks the functionality of the global zone.

# netstat -rvn

IRE Table: IPv4
  Destination Mask Gateway Device Mxfrg Rtt Ref Flg Out In/Fwd
-------------------- --------------- -------------------- ------ ----- ----- 
--- --- ----- ------
default 10.x.x.x 1500* 0 1 UG 3417722 0
default 10.x.x.x igb0:1 1500* 0 1 UG 1633463 0
default 139.x.x.x nxge1 1500* 0 1 UG 201645 0

I have found an earlier post, and would like to know if it is still the case:

In my case, we have a jumpstation, to administer the servers, and since I 
installed the local zone wiht a defrouter to the external network, my 
connection to global zone from jumpstation hangs, and then breaks.  snoop 
shows, that e.g. pinging from jumpstation works for a while, then responses 
suddenly directed to the new default route, which is obviously not for global 
zone traffic.

There are some very complex workarounds mentioned in the previous posts, is 
there a better one available now ?

Thank You in advance,

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