I try to use lucreate on a cluster node, where there is failover 
zone on the other node.
lucreate fails saying that zone cannot be mounted, which is true, as it is 
switched over to the other node.

At the moment I would like to use it to create a contingency boot environment, 
but I planned to use it for patching as well.

               In a clustered environment with many zones, ( assuming that they 
are distributed between the two nodes) can I make lucreate  work somehow ?
I did not find any switch for excluding zones, and some zones are obviously 
cannot be mounted as they are one SAN, switched to the other node.

[root@V0006 ~]# lucreate -C /dev/dsk/c0t5000CCA03C3F8CF4d0s0 -n ABE -p v0006-ABE
Analyzing system configuration.
Updating boot environment description database on all BEs.
/zones/testzone/root must not be group readable.
/zones/testzone/root must not be group executable.
/zones/testzone/root must not be world readable.
/zones/testzone/root must not be world executable.
could not verify zonepath /zones/testzone/root because of the above errors.
zoneadm: zone testzone failed to verify
ERROR: Failed to mount non-global zone <testzone>
ERROR: All required PBE file systems are not mounted.

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