Just an idle observation as I'd never seen this workflow before on
JIRA so thought I'd ask :)

I've been watching some of the recent JIRA activity with interest.
I've seen a few JIRAs arrive, someone submits a test case who's not a
committer, then the issue gets assigned to the person who submitted
the patch. In some cases; when there may be many patches to assign
over time, I can understand it (e.g. ZOOKEEPER-78 could take a zillion
iterations before the feature is complete) - but in general if one
JIRA gets one patch from a non-committer, should the JIRA be left
unassigned - or assigned to a committer to review and apply or
reject-with-reason the patch?

i.e. lets say I raise a JIRA and attach a patch; once we're at that
stage I can't actually do anything else, not being a committer - other
than add another version of the patch :) So am not sure if its worth
assigning the issue to me. I guess the person who raised the issue &
submitted the patch can always mark it as unassigned :)

No biggie I just thought I'd ask if this was an intentional way you
guys had worked together in the past?


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