Thanks for the feedback Doug.

1) I created ZOOKEEPER-206 to address the first 3 issues you mentioned
2) regarding the logo this is already captured at ZOOKEEPER-69. We have a preliminary logo, working to finalize (should be soon)


Doug Cutting wrote:

The release looks great, much better than most first releases!

I noticed a few minor problems in the documentation, but these should by no means not stop the release. In particular:

 - The "Zookeeper Documentation" tab should contain the version number.
 - "Informal Documentation" might better be named "Other Documentation".
 - The "Other Info" page should be removed, since it contains nothing.
 - a logo (ZOOKEEPER-69), any logo, would sure be nice.


Patrick Hunt wrote:
I've created a candidate build for the first Apache release of ZooKeeper - version 3.0.0.

*** Please download, test and VOTE before the
*** vote closes EOD on Friday, October 24.***


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