I've pushed a new release candidate (rc1 - separate email). This is a really interesting issue, I learned something new today. :-)

It seems that switch case requires _compile time_ constant expression, it's not good enough to use a "static final"! ZOOKEEPER-291 fixes the issue and is included in the 3.1.0 rc1.

Thanks Stu! If you could retry compiling your original code (3.0 based) and verify that would be great (I added tests specific for this so it should work but would be good to verify).



Patrick Hunt wrote:
I failed to mark 246 as an incompatible change in JIRA/releasenotes:

KeeperException.Code was changed from an interface to an enum, the old camel case Code fields (Ok, NoNode, etc...) were deprecated and replaced by upper case versions (OK, NONODE, etc...). Similar change in the C client interface.

I thought I verified this worked with legacy code (deprecated still worked), but I guess not. I'll fix this in the code to make it b/w compat and also update the release notes -- I'll respin a new release candidate today.

Thanks for the heads up Stu!


Stu Hood wrote:
This candidate passes all of our unit tests.

Has the disk or wire format changed from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0?

There was one difference that prevented our code base from building immediately: the deprecated integers in KeeperException.Code were not working in switch statements anymore:
[javac] Compiling 91 source files to deploy/classes
[javac] src/java/mercury/ring/KeySpace.java:796: constant expression required
[javac]                 case Code.Ok:
[javac]                          ^
[javac] src/java/mercury/ring/KeySpace.java:800: constant expression required
[javac]                 case Code.NoNode:
[javac]                          ^
[javac] src/java/mercury/ring/KeySpace.java:803: constant expression required
[javac]                 case Code.SessionExpired:
[javac]                          ^
[javac] src/java/mercury/ring/KeySpace.java:804: constant expression required
[javac]                 case Code.ConnectionLoss:
[javac]                          ^


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I've created a candidate build for ZooKeeper 3.1.0. Over 65 JIRAs are addressed in this release, with major new features for Quota, JMX, and Bookkeeper (transactional log store) to name a few. Full details in the release notes.

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