Hi Manos,
 The number of open files allowed for a process can be changed. 1024 is
usually a very small number. You should change that to a bigger number to
enable zookeeper to run.

Ulimit -a should show you the number of open files allowed. It can be
changed using ulimit -n.

Also, the default for ulimit is picked up from /etc/security/limits.conf (on
linux). In case you want to change that permanently for your machine.


On 2/17/09 2:11 PM, "Manos Kapritsos" <ma...@cs.utexas.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> in my experiments with Zookeeper I have tried to have 1024 clients
> connected simultaneously to a single server. When that happens i get a
> "Too many open files" exception on the server side. It is my
> understanding that this is the NR_OPEN limit imposed by the kernel.
> Although it is possible to increase this limit, this is only a static
> solution, that could fail under a spike in the load.
> Is there a dynamic workaround for this problem? Given that sessions are
> statically linked to the open sockets, it seems to me that there is no
> way we can manipulate the existing sockets (e.g. by closing them in a
> LRU way).
> Thank you,
> Manos

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