FYI. If anyone has ideas for ZooKeeper that might fit GSoC.

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Dear PMC,

It's now official, Google has announced that The Apache Software
Foundation was selected as one of the participating organization in
the GSoC 2009 program. This is an excellent opportunity for Apache, as
it allows projects to build/increase its community, it also help
students to learn about open source, about Apache Software Foundation
and how to do things the "Apache Way".

Please start advertising the program and discussing project ideas with
your project community. Then add your project ideas to the ASF GSoC
2009 Official Project Ideas page [1], as this is going to be the most
visible place for students. Per GSoC 2009 timeline, Students should
officially start applying for these ideas on March 23.

ASF Members and committers can volunteer to be mentors in the GSoC
2009 program (see [2] for more details about being a mentor). We
invite all mentors and GSoC interested parties to subscribe to the
code-awa...@a.o mailing list [3] to coordinate work between mentors,
ask questions and get updates related to GSoC 2009 program.

Please, feel free to forward this announce to any appropriate dev@ or
users@ lists so your larger community can hear about the GSoC 2009


Luciano Resende

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