Qian Ye wrote:
I'm a fresh man  to Zookeeper. These days, I'm studying on the source code
of the C client for Zookeeper, and here are some questions, maybe any one
can give me some help.

Welcome to the ZooKeeper community!

1. I found in the source of API "zookeeper_interest" that it used a "pipe"
to connect with the fd which connects to the Zookeeper server, and used
"poll()" to supervise the reading and writing events. I'm not familiar with
this usage of combining of pipe and poll. Is there any special advantages in

Poll is similar to select (try doing a man on poll and a man on select). The pipe is used for inter-thread communication.

2. I want to conduct a deeply study on both the client and server side of
Zookeeper. Could any one provide me the docs of design for Zookeeper?

In particular take a look at the internals docs
also this wiki page is very interesting:

3. What is JIRA? :-p

JIRA is Apache's issue tracking system:


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