congrats, kudos to Pat and team for a well orchestrated release.

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Patrick Hunt wrote:
The Apache ZooKeeper team is proud to announce Apache ZooKeeper version 3.2.0.

ZooKeeper is a high-performance coordination service for distributed applications. It exposes common services - such as naming, configuration management, synchronization, and group services - in a simple interface so you don't have to write them from scratch. You can use it off-the-shelf to implement consensus, group management, leader election, and presence protocols. And you can build on it for your own, specific needs.

Key features of the 3.2.0 release:
* client side bindings for; Perl, Python, & REST
* flexible quorum support
* re-usable recipe code libraries
* chroot support in connect string
* many fixes, improvements, improved documentation, etc...

A number of optimizations have gone into this release and our benchmarks show that read/write performance of version 3.2.0 is approximately twice that of the previous 3.1.0 version!

For ZooKeeper release details and downloads, visit:

ZooKeeper 3.2.0 Release Notes are at:


The ZooKeeper Team

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