As Mahadev mentioned recently, 3.2.0 has a serious issue:
we need to get out an official 3.2.1 release asap. I'm hoping mid/late next week would be possible.

There are currently 18 issues on 3.2.1 in jira. Approx 12 of these have patches. Hudson has finally been fixed and is now up, running, and chugging through the patches (hudsonqabot). Committers please review the patches, provide feedback, and contribs address these issues so that we can get the patches committed to svn. I'm hoping we can get the 3.2.1 issues finalized in the next few days, which means a release candidate probably late next week.

If you have an issue or know of an issue that's not slated for 3.2.1 currently please speak up ASAP!



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