ZooKeeper 3.2.1 was release over the weekend. If you find any issues with it please create a JIRA. I've attached the announce email which includes links to the release notes and detailed changelog. If you are using 3.2.0 please consider upgrading to 3.2.1 asap.

Regards and thanks again to everyone who provided feedback and support on this release!

--- Begin Message --- The Apache ZooKeeper team is proud to announce Apache ZooKeeper version 3.2.1.

ZooKeeper is a high-performance coordination service for distributed applications. It exposes common services - such as naming, configuration management, synchronization, and group services - in a simple interface so you don't have to write them from scratch. You can use it off-the-shelf to implement consensus, group management, leader election, and presence protocols. And you can build on it for your own, specific needs.

If you are upgrading from version 2.2.1 on SourceForge be sure to review the 3.0.1 release notes for migration instructions.

For ZooKeeper release details and downloads, visit:

ZooKeeper 3.2.1 Release Notes are at:

Detailed JIRA changlog can be viewed here:


The ZooKeeper Team

--- End Message ---

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