Sounds good. Any more input sing out, for the time being I'll go with 3/10/2010 as the planned release date.

I'm going to start triaging issues listed as "fix for 3.3.0", pushing some things that are not critical/blocker/assigned into 3.4.0 or "unscheduled". This doesn't mean people can't work on these issues, just that they are not planned for the release - it's really for planning purposes while the JIRA is open. If people come up with a patch for something feel free to submit it for 3.3.0 regardless of the current fix date listed in the JIRA. If you feel something should/must be in 3.3.0 feel free to comment on jira or message the list - obv backing that up with a patch increases the chances. ;-)

If you have JIRAs assigned to you that are open and you don't plan to work on the JIRA it would probably be a good idea to update it to "unassigned" instead. Again, helps in planning and understanding the workload.

Once I do the initial triage I'll message the list again with some release status type information, esp as we get closer to the release date.

If you want to work on a JIRA that's "risky" it's obv better to work on it now than wait until the release date comes near.



Mahadev Konar wrote:


On 12/16/09 8:54 AM, "Benjamin Reed" <> wrote:

March 10th sounds good to me.


Patrick Hunt wrote:
Now that the fix releases are out we should look at nailing down a date
for 3.3.0, once we define a date we can triage the JIRA list and pare it
down to what we think we can/should accomplish in the timeframe we have.

December is mostly done given many ppl are out for holidays. I'm
thinking March 10th to create a release candidate and put it up for the
vote. This will give ppl 8weeks or so after the holidays to complete any
blockers before I cut the rel candiate. This sound good?


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