Hi Andrew,

 Great to see ruby bindings for zookeeper. Would you be contributing it back
to the zookeeper source tree? I am sure lots of folks would be interested in
it. Please post to the list if you have any questions regarding the api or
questions regarding how to contribute code back to the source tree.


On 12/19/09 2:15 PM, "reynh...@quesera.com" <reynh...@quesera.com> wrote:

> I'm working on a Ruby binding for ZooKeeper using the C API, and I'm
> seeing odd data returned in Stat structs by the asynchronous calls.
> I can repro the odd data in printf's in the ZK C code, so I think it's
> a legitimate bug.  I haven't dug into the ZK java code to see, but
> superficially it looks like type conversion/bitspace issues.
> I opened a JIRA ticket without getting confirmation on the list first,
> just because formatting the data readably in text/plain wasn't working.
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-634
> Thank you,
> Andrew

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