FYI, the release build (package target in build.xml) in 3.3.0 (our upcoming release, current trunk code) will generate 4 jars files - the legacy jar, and separate bin/src/javadoc jars. These last 3 are planned for deployment to maven repo.


Mahadev Konar wrote:
Hi Thomas,
  Its just been a legacy that we have been including source code in the
jars. We have found that sometimes folks apply patches on there own and push
there own jars to production. It just helped us debugging in such cases.
That's why its always been there. It has no connection to jmx at all.


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the Debian packaging of zookeeper is nearly ready. Only one question left: The
zookeeper.jar contains not only .class files but also the source code (.java).
Why? And should I include them as well, when compiling for Debian?
What's the connection to JMX and this issue?

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