Hi guys:

As I know, when a client connected to Zookeeper servers, it would choose a
server randomly (without the zoo_deterministic_conn_odrder on), and then,
the client would talk to the server until a failure happened. It seems that
zookeeper server cannot handle the client connection dynamically according
to the load of the server. If some flaw of a client made the client connect
Zookeeper servers frequently, it may prevent other normal clients from
getting services from Zookeeper, right? So, is there any method to resolve
these two practical problems:

1. Handle and apportion clients dynamically, so every servers would have
balanced load.
2. Some of frequency controller, which set a frequency threshold on the
frequency of requests from a client, prevent server resource from being
exhausted by a few clients.

With Regards!

Ye, Qian

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