Benjamin Reed commented on ZOOKEEPER-713:

lukasz thank you for reporting this problem and providing the details. we 
analyzed your logs and found the following problems:

1) you are getting an OutOfMemoryError during the snapshot. that is why you are 
getting the invalid snapshot file. it turns out that the invalid file isn't 
really a problem since we can just use an older snapshot to recover from, but 
this may indicate that you are running very close to the limit and spending a 
lot of time in the GC. (this may aggravate the next issue.)

2) the initLimit and ticktime in zoo.cfg may too low. how much data is stored 
in zookeeper? look at the snapshot filesize, you need to be able to transmit 
the snapshot within the initLimit*ticktime. as an experiment try scping the 
snapshots between the different servers and see how long it takes. ticktime 
should be increased on wan connections. you might try doubling the ticktime and 
initLimit. (if you really are overloading the GC it is going to be slowing 
things down.)

3) we also noticed that it is taking a long time to read and write snapshots 
(~17 and ~40 seconds in some cases). do you have other things contending with 
the disk? this is going to affect how long it takes for the leader to respond 
to a client, and thus the initLimit.

4) we noticed that the jvm version you are using is pretty old. you may try 
upgrading to the latest version, especially since you are using 64-bit linux.

5) finally, it appears you are running under xen. some people have had issues 
running in virtualized environments. the main problems being memory and disk 
contention. if java ever starts swapping, the GC can hang the process while 
pages go on an off the disk for reference checking. disk contention will also 
slow down recovery and logging to disk during write operations.

we are opening a jira, ZOOKEEPER-714, related to 1) since we really should exit 
on OutOfMemoryErrors. in your specific case we recovered, but in general it 
doesn't seem wise to continue execution once you have gotten an 

> zookeeper fails to start - broken snapshot?
> -------------------------------------------
>                 Key: ZOOKEEPER-713
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-713
>             Project: Zookeeper
>          Issue Type: Bug
>    Affects Versions: 3.2.2
>         Environment: debian lenny; ia64; xen virtualization
>            Reporter: Lukasz Osipiuk
>         Attachments: node1-version-2.tgz-aa, node1-version-2.tgz-ab, 
> node1-zookeeper.log.gz, node2-version-2.tgz-aa, node2-version-2.tgz-ab, 
> node2-version-2.tgz-ac, node2-zookeeper.log.gz, node3-version-2.tgz-aa, 
> node3-version-2.tgz-ab, node3-version-2.tgz-ac, node3-zookeeper.log.gz, 
> zoo.cfg
> Hi guys,
> The following is not a bug report but rather a question - but as I am 
> attaching large files I am posting it here rather than on mailinglist.
> Today we had major failure in our production environment. Machines in 
> zookeeper cluster gone wild and all clients got disconnected.
> We tried to restart whole zookeeper cluster but cluster got stuck in leader 
> election phase.
> Calling stat command on any machine in the cluster resulted in 
> 'ZooKeeperServer not running' message
> In one of logs I noticed 'Invalid snapshot'  message which disturbed me a bit.
> We did not manage to make cluster work again with data. We deleted all 
> version-2 directories on all nodes and then cluster started up without 
> problems.
> Is it possible that snapshot/log data got corrupted in a way which made 
> cluster unable to start?
> Fortunately we could rebuild data we store in zookeeper as we use it only for 
> locks and most of nodes is ephemeral.
> I am attaching contents of version-2 directory from all nodes and server logs.
> Source problem occurred some time before 15. First cluster restart happened 
> at 15:03.
> At some point later we experimented with deleting version-2 directory so I 
> would not look at following restart because they can be misleading due to our 
> actions.
> I am also attaching zoo.cfg. Maybe something is wrong at this place. 
> As I know look into logs i see read timeout during initialization phase after 
> 20secs (initLimit=10, tickTime=2000).
> Maybe all I have to do is increase one or other. which one? Are there any 
> downsides of increasing tickTime.
> Best regards, Ɓukasz Osipiuk
> PS. due to attachment size limit I used split. to untar use 
> cat nodeX-version-2.tgz-* |tar -xz

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