ZooKeeper dev team, new and old - I think this would be a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss ZooKeeper development. We could focus on ZK internals, future development, Q&A with team members.

What do you think? I'd be willing to coordinate our session unless someone else would like to do so. I'm thinking we don't need 5 hrs, how about 2 hours? (it's june 30th)

LMK if there's interest and what thoughts on what we might focus on.


Owen O'Malley wrote:
Yahoo is organizing Contributor's Workshops on the day after the Hadoop Summit (10 June 2010) for both Hadoop Core (HDFS & MapReduce) and Pig. We would be happy to provide space for any of the other Hadoop sub-projects as well! If you are interested in organizing such a workshop for one of the Hadoop sub-projects, please email us at hadoopcontributorr...@yahoo-inc.com with "WORKSHOP ORGANIZER (project)" in the subject line.

See you all at the Hadoop Summit – June 29th, http://www.hadoopsummit.org/

   Owen O'Malley & Eric Baldeschwieler

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