i will be there.

i would be glad to do a talk on bookkeeper/hedwig.


On 06/09/2010 11:10 AM, Patrick Hunt wrote:
Fellow contributors, Yahoo is hosting a "contributor workshop" the day
after the Hadoop Summit.

"The purpose of the workshops is to collectively discuss challenges,
concerns and future ideas around ZooKeeper technologies."

This will be held at Yahoo's Sunnyvale campus, all ZooKeeper
contributors are welcome to attend. I was thinking of doing a half day
with something like the following agenda:

* intros
* presentations
** phunt - status of zk, roadmap
**<addl presentations>
* discussion, q&a with committers/contributors, etc...

If you would like to present please respond to this email with details.
It's probably a good idea to keep the presentations down to 20-30
minutes max. I'd like to get back to Yahoo with an agenda soon so let me
know asap.


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Hi Patrick.
We are setting up 3 meeting on the contributes meetup page for June 30th.
It will be in the classrooms in building E on the SNV campus.

I have the agenda for the core and Pig meetings, can you send me the
zookeeper one as well (lunch will be available next to the classroom
around 12).

You can make it a half day or a full day, up to you.
I'll setup the meeting with the classroom location once I hear back.
I will also provide a conference number.

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Are there any more details on this that you could share. I'd like to
ramp up discussion on this in our contributor community, but I think
that I should provide some detail as part of this. For example if I
could confirm the location and time that we have available for our
meeting. Will we have a conference bridge available to us? Conference phone?



On 03/29/2010 04:27 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:
The ZooKeeper team would like to have it's own workshop on the 30th. In
our case we probably only need 2 hrs or so on that day. I will be the
coordinator for our event, please let me know what I need to do.



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