What version of g++ do you have? Capture the test output and attach to your response. However I suspect that the server is not running (it's necessary to test the c client), did you "ant jar" (or similar - ie build the server) before testing the client?


On 08/07/2010 04:57 PM, Michi Mutsuzaki wrote:

I'm having 2 issues while compiling/running c client unit test in

1. I get this error from "make check":

    g++: unrecognized option `-static-libtool-libs'

2. testAsyncWatcherAutoReset is not working for me.

Zookeeper_simpleSystem::testAsyncWatcherAutoResetterminate called after
throwing an instance of 'CppUnit::Exception'  what():  equality assertion
failed- Expected: -101- Actual  : -4

Let me know if anybody has seen these errors.


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