I got permission from Patrick to try to make the java client netty 
introduction a little bit nicer. I could need a little help now at one point.
Please have a look at 

The classes ClientCnxnSocketNIO and ClientCnxnSocketNetty are used by 
ClientCnxn.SendThread. Both have a method xyz() now, where I've moved some 
lines of code that were different in the run() loop of both implementations.

If you could help me to move the logic from xyz() back in the run() method 
with fitting calls to the socket() class, then I might be done. I'm a bit 
puzzled because in NIO there's first a selector.select(to) and then 
doWrites(), while in Netty there's first doWrites() and then 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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