Hudson trunk is currently failing due to some fd cleanup issue. Not sure if
I introduced that recently with the netty server change, however it's
showing up along with an intermittent failure in asynchammertest. This is
keeping the patch builds from running. If you guys could help with that as
well it would be great.

I put up a patch but someone needs to commit it (or at least +1 it)

I can't reproduce either of these issues myself. I tried multiple machine
types and also used the same vm as is being used on hudson (jdk1.6.0_11)
with no luck reproducing.

Can you guys take a look?


On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Thomas Koch <> wrote:

> Hi Ben, Mahadev,
> Patrick suggested I might ask you for review on ZOOKEEPER-823. It
> does some refactoring on ClientCnxn and blocks other issues which
> also want to edit ClientCnxn.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Koch,

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