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> Since 08/11 I'm waiting to submit some improvements to the java client code
> (ZOOKEEPER-835), which has been blocked by ZOOKEEPER-823. Since 02/09
> there's
> a patch for ZOOKEEPER-823 waiting to be tested by hudson, updated for newer
> trunk on 15/09. Today is 21/09.
> Could anybody please give a status update?
Thomas, thanks for highlighting the issue.

Some recent changes by the builds team broke hudson patch builds for hadoop.
Unfortunately there is no way for us to trigger this manually. Giri is
working with apache infra to resolve the issue, however it's complicated and
might take some time. Current ETA is a few days (3-5 sounds like). Giri will
update us when it's addressed.

We've had a few bugs come in recently, and a fix release in progress -- this
has been diverting resources from reviews. Also note that there has been
activity on 823 - it's just that each time someone (usually me) looked at
the jira an issue was found. Most recently the patch was failing to apply
against the latest trunk. Prior to that the tests were failing, etc... This
is why I suggested to you initially that the patch be kept simple(ish), and
to do further refactorings later. This is a complicated patch to complicated
code, it's going to take some time to settle. Note: keeping patches simple
and discrete helps to get them reviewed quickly and cleanly. (granted not
always possible)

At the same time though we should be getting back to these patches more
quickly. I've personally spent a ton of time on this issue, initially
creating and most recently reviewing some refactorings, I'd really like to
see this go in myself! I've asked Ben/Flavio/Mahadev to take a look and help
drive this to completion.

Thomas, thanks for the help. Hopefully we'll get this one sorted out asap
and move on to other issues.



> I'll have my last exam at university this saturday, so I'd have some time
> to
> contribute afterwards, if you could help me.
> happy hacking,
> Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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