>>Please use a port for electionPort different from the one you're using in the 
>>server configuration.

I think I am getting confused with the range of port numbers that must be 
defined. I had assumed there were only 2 types - clientPort and electionPort 
representing the client-server comms and the server-server comms respectively 
as shown in the overview diagram below:

It sounds like there may be another type of port to deal with - is this right?

I previously added a comment about electionPorts to the Wiki documentation here 
( http://zookeeper.wiki.sourceforge.net/ZooKeeperGettingStarted ) to clarify my 
understanding of the config settings. 
While this interpretation works OK in sourceforge 2.2.1 I am now confused as to 
the arrangement in Apache 3.0. I spent most of yesterday debugging and trying 
different configuration files. Sourceforge version worked fine but when I 
flipped the jars to the Apache version (keeping the same zoo config files) it 
just wouldn't work -either running on a single machine or multiples. Sometimes 
this was because the Apache version was using the wrong port to try talk to 
another machine (when I configured each server with different election port 
settings) and sometimes a single server would get a BindException trying to 
open the same ServerSocket twice.

I suspect this may be down to my misunderstanding of the ports now used and a 
change since the sourceforge version. Can you cast any more light on this?

I'd also be keen to get some advice on whether to go with sourceforge 2.2.1 or 
Apache 3.x for an upcoming deployment to a live system. I imagine ZK 3 may be a 
bit of a moving target but is more likely to get bug-fixed than zk 2.2.1?

Many thanks,

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