Hi all,

i have a question regarding ephemerals and it behavior on client crash/ restart. We've a master/node cluster similar to a hadoop hdfs cluster but using zk for management. The nodes creates an ephemeral to announce there existence to the master.

Now what i recognized is that after stopping the whole cluster and starting only the master again, still some ephemeral nodes may exists for some seconds.
That leads me to following questions.
What is if a node starts up again. Do it have to clean up it "old" ephemeral node, or can it somehow acquire the old one ?

Just trying to find a best way how to deal with this, since on regular restart of the cluster i often recognize something like this
master : node1, node2 connected
master : node2 disconnected
master : node2 connected again

Thanks for any help

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Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

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