The ZooKeeper JIRA is up to date and a tentative date of 9/22/2008 for the 3.0 release has been set. You can see the roadmap here:

3.0 will be our first Apache release. As such the Java package structure has changed ( -> org.apache) which will require some work to migrate user code from pre-3.0 to 3.0. There are a few additional "incompatible" changes that have been lumped into 3.0, we wanted to pull any such changes into this release so that going fwd we could more easily maintain b/w compatibility in the apis/data (ie break things once, which had to be done anyway for package struct). You can see these changes by checking the appropriate checkbox in the "findissues" section of the JIRA.

The release notes for 3.0 will contain a section detailing the migrations necessary when migrating from 2.2.1 to 3.0

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