There is a patch pending on this particular issue which I submitted last week.

I only changed the docs though, not the semantics of the method. Could you add your comments/suggestions there? Perhaps the patch should be changed, I'm not sure, I really just tried to make the comments reflect the current state of the api.


Austin Shoemaker wrote:
The documentation in zookeeper.h states:

 *   clientid the id of a previously established session that this
* client will be reconnecting to. Pass 0 if not reconnecting to a previous
 *   session. If the session timed out or the id is invalid, a new
* session will be automatically generated. Clients should check the actual
 *   session id by calling \ref zoo_client_id.

The implementation of zookeeper_init appears to enter EXPIRED_SESSION_STATE instead of automatically generating a new session id.

Would it be safe to remove this block in zookeeper.c check_events():

if (oldid != 0 && oldid != newid) {
    zh->state = EXPIRED_SESSION_STATE;
    errno = ESTALE;
    return handle_socket_error_msg(zh,__LINE__,ZSESSIONEXPIRED,
            "session %llx has expired.",oldid);
} else {

so that the new session continues to CONNECTED_STATE? It would be useful to receive a session expired notification without aborting the connection.



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