Thanks for the reminder Avinash, a release candidate for ZooKeeper 3.0.0 was created on Tuesday Oct21 and put up for voting!

The process/rules for this process is detailed at:

The "Building" section has been completed, we are just waiting for the vote to settle (3 biz days -- so EOD on friday), after which if there are at least 3 +1 votes by Hadoop PMC members, and no -1 votes from anyone, we will complete the release process and publish our first official Apache ZooKeeper release.

I'll keep you posted on the status (voting is underway on the zookeeper-dev list, once the release is official I will send notification to the user list).



Avinash Lakshman wrote:
Hi All

When is 3.0 going to be made available? The download link at the Apache site
doesn't seem to work. I thought Oct. 23rd was the D'Day for release.


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