Good scenario. As Mahadev points out quorum and HA are slightly
different animals. If I am correct, the Quorum also has the correctness
attribute, which needs more than one server - the 2n+1 requirement.

        Looks like what you are looking for is the traditional HA
primitive with an active-active configuration. You might still be able
to use Zookeeper, with leader election and state management, but you
will need at least 3 processes - (at least)one Zookeeper, two server

P.S : May be we should capture this pattern in ZooKeeper. (May be we
already have, as I am coming up to speed)
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|Subject: Re: 2 Server Cluster !?
|Hi Valdimir,
| Its not possible to run a Zookeeeper quorum of 2 such that if one dies
|other one continues to run and server clients. The whole idea of
|is its high reliability and the guarantee's it provides.
|So, its not possible to run zookeeper as you state.
|On 11/25/08 7:33 AM, "Vladimir Bobic" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
|> Ahoy everyone,
|> I'm interested to know if there is anyway to run 2 servers cluster in
|>  - if 1 server fails other one continues to serve clients.
|>  - when failed server is back, force elections to favored server
|>  I'm aware that there is possibility for both servers to work
|> independently not knowing for each other,
|> difference that could immerge is not issue.
|> Regards,
|> Vladimir

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