I have opened ZOOKEEPER-261 for this issue. it shouldn't be too hard to fix and 
it would be nice to target for 3.1.


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Thanks for all the responses.
Benjamin Reed wrote:
> Thomas, 
> in the scenario you give you have two simultaneous failures with 3 nodes, so 
> it will not recover correctly. A is failed because it is not up. B has failed 
> because it lost all its data.
> it would be good for ZooKeeper to not come up in that scenario. perhaps what 
> we need is something similar to your safe state proposal. basically a server 
> that has forgotten everything should not be allowed to vote in the leader 
> election. that would avoid your scenario. we just need to put a flag file in 
> the data directory to say that the data is valid and thus can vote.
> ben
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Would this feature be something you'd consider implementing in the short 
to medium term?

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